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representatives of gambling and gambling related companies will get even more benefits from cooperation with Casino.Ru. After all, it is on our website that they will be able to quickly and seriously get concerned online users, turning them into real customers — favorite and constant. So, what do we offer?

Placing in Directory

Adding your casino into Casino.Ru directory will allow you to quickly reach the target audience and to bring all you proposals without wasting your advertising budget. Your advertisement will get right to the target.

In addition to placing information about your casino in the directory, you will get the opportunity to publish all the news and events of your casino in Casino.Ru news section.

The information about all events, promotions and bonuses of your casino will be presented in a regular direct mailing of Casino.Ru aimed at the database of the region where your casino is located.

you can also chat online with your potential and real players on the directory. In fact, you will get a ready-made community of players at your disposal through which you can keep abreast of the current industry challenges.

Listing Price

The setup is $100.
$100 per month or $ 1,000 per year.
Payment only via PayPal.

Exclusive review

Exclusive review of the casino will attract attention of hundreds thousands of players to your casino. Its location, an assortment of games, rates, future events and offers, comfortable hotel rooms, the restaurant’s menu, entertainments for guests — we will inform all about your casino at your choice. Reviews are written and published in two languages — Russian and English. Do not miss the opportunity to familiarize potential customers with all the advantages of your casino.

The cost of the review is $100

Affiliate program

Casino.Ru affiliate program gives everyone a unique opportunity to earn from 15% to 30% of referrals’ advertising spending. All you need is to offer us a land based casino as a partner.

From our side, we have done everything for work through the affiliate program to be beneficial not only to you but also to a referral:

  • Each your referral will receive a unique referral code that guarantees him an extra month of free advertising in the directory when ordering advertising services on our website.
  • This namely referral code will be affiliate tracker as well, identifying only your referrals.
  • To attract new partners, we will provide you with promotional materials where your unique referral code will be placed. All you have to do is to download the layout of a promotional booklet and print it in the printing office.

Casino.Ru affiliate program can be a real “gold mine” for travel agencies specializing in junket tours, event- and show agencies involved in arranging show programs in casinos, poker tournament organizers and all those who deal with the casino world in their work anyway.

Proposal for Journalists

Casino.Ru invites cooperation of talented journalists living in the gambling zones, ready to promptly provide the information directly from the scene. We are interested for our readers to have the opportunity to receive first-hand information — your work will always be appreciated!

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