Without exaggeration Georgia can be called the most comfortable country for gambling development. Tourist attraction, low levels of corruption and overregulation of the economy, clear and transparent system of taxation, the legality of all kinds of gambling distinguish this country from its neighbors.

Tbilisi is the heart of the gambling life of Georgia. The capital casinos, such as Shangri La Casino, Iveria Tbilisi Casino, Adjara Casino, stand out favorably with their scale, service and selection of games. Besides Tbilisi, the casino lights attract tourists from Batumi, Sighnaghi, Akhaltsikhe, Mestia. Peace Casino in Batumi and Europa Casino in Sighnaghi are among the five most popular gambling establishments of the country. Every year, thousands of tourists from Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Australia and South Africa go to the Black Sea coast of Georgia in search for good luck and passion.

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