In the capital of the Philippines, at least 36 people were killed as a result of the attack on Resorts World Manila. 12 employees and 22 clients of the casino were suffocated by carbon monoxide during a fire made by a robber who was later found dead in one of the hotel rooms.

On June 1, a man burst into the casino building, fired several shots into the air and began pouring gasoline on gambling tables to set them on fire.

‘Everything indicates that this was a crime committed by an emotionally unbalanced person. Apparently, the criminal did not plan to kill anyone,’ Ernesto Abella, a spokesperson for Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, commented on the incident.

the Islamic State terrorist organization took the responsibility for the attack. Nevertheless, the authorities of the Philippines believe that the tragedy has no terrorist motives.

‘It’s more like a robbery attempt. The raider did not shoot people, but immediately went to the chips store. The fire was probably conceived as a diversionary maneuver,’ Chief Dela Rosa, the Philippine national police officer, told.

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