Approximately 65% websites blocked by Roskomnadzor continue to work. RBC journalists have come to such a conclusion after making corresponding research.

As of December 2016 administrators of almost 30 thousand websites from the register of the sites banned by Roskomnadzor continue to pay for domain, hosting as well as to fill the site with content.

“We were able to analyze those sites opened as on 16 December 2016. There turned out to be almost 30 thousand. To determine the site subject matter, we used sets of key words, to identify the geolocation of IP addresses, we used IP address blocks GeoLite2”, RBC says.

According to the professionals, active sites count mainly on users from other countries. Because only 30% of the traffic of the Russian-speaking audience comes from Russia — the remaining 70% comes from other countries.

Roskomnadzor has been putting illegal gambling sites in the register of banned sites since 2014. Currently, the number of sites blacklisted by Roskomnadzor has exceeded 60 thousand.

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