An artificial intelligence Libratus has beaten four professional poker players in a 20-day tournament ‘Brains Vs. Artificial Intelligence: Upping the Ante’ that culminated late on January 30. The tournament starts at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh on January 11.

There were four human players participating in the tournament — Jimmy Chou, Dong Kim, Jason Les, and Daniel McAulay. The battle between human and artificial intelligences lasted for 20 days, 11 hours daily. Libratus outmanoeuvred them all, winning more than $1.7m in chips.

“Libratus played better and better with each passing day. Every time, when we found his weak point, he analyzed the cause of his defeat and quickly eliminates the weak spot,’ Jimmy Choo commented the tournament.

Machines have already become smart enough to beat humans at other games such as chess and Go, but poker is more difficult because it’s a game with imperfect information. With chess and Go, each player can see the entire board, but with poker, players don’t get to see each other’s hands. Furthermore, the artificial intelligence is required to bluff and correctly interpret misleading information in order to win.

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