The closure of the Azov-City gambling zone will negatively influence not only the economy of the Krasnodar Territory, but will also affect the activities of other gambling zones of the Russian Federation. This opinion was expressed by Maxim Smolentsev, an entrepreneur and director of Shambala CJSC.

According to Smolentsev, the closure of the Azov-City will deprive the regional and district budgets of about 200 million rubles of annual revenues, and more than 2,000 people will lose work. Another negative aspect of the liquidation of the gambling zone may cause distrust in authorities.

“all are losing: the region – taxes, people – work, authorities – reputation. As by closing the gambling zone of Azov-City, the authorities give a clear signal – their promises to support investors cannot be trusted. the authorities have already got problems with public trust, so they should not create unnecessary reasons to shake head at their desire to work for the benefit of people, and not for the sake of enriching officials’ families,” Smolentsev said.

not only be the authorities’ reputation, but the development of other gambling zones as well will be endangered. As after the closure of the Azov-City few of the reasonable investors will be ready to invest money in other gambling projects.

Despite the constant threat to close Azov-City and to stop the operation of the casino in Sochi, the popularity of the first gambling zone does not decrease. In 2016, gambling establishments of the Azov-City were visited by 464.7 thousand people, which is only 4.7 thousand less than in 2015.

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