On 28 February legislative amendments aimed at improving the system of monitoring the ban on the admission to the casino of people suffering from gambling addiction entered into force in Belarus.

In accordance with the new law, relatives has the opportunity to go to court with a request to limit a gambling addict family member to visit gambling establishments for a period of six months to three years.

Control measures over observing the ban on the admission to casinos have also been improved. casino customers will be identified not only by passport data but also by the personal number.

The list of people banned to enter casinos is in the department of the gambling monitoring center. Previously this was controlled by the Ministry of Taxes and Assessments of Belarus. The access to the list is granted only to the gambling organizers through the identification of their authorized employees.

The law prohibiting gambling organizers to let in gambling establishments individuals who decided on their own to limit their visit to a casino entered into force on January 27, 2013. During four years of the law effect the Ministry of Taxes and Assessments of Belarus received more than 41 thousand complaints from addicted players. Currently, the ban is applied to 18 thousand citizens.

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