The government of Bermuda Islands and the local Casino Gaming Commission are considering the possibility of opening gambling resorts in the country. According to Alan Dunch, the head of the gambling commission, the first casino on the islands can begin work by the end of March 2018.

“Now we are considering two casino projects at hotels. In the same year, we will be able to issue gambling licenses”, the official said.

At the moment, applications for the casino opening have come from Fairmont Southampton and Morgan’s Point, the hotel complexes.

Starting next week, gambling and hotel operators will be able to present their casino plans while applying for a gambling license. Companies will need to provide complete information about the project, including the amount of investments, the recruitment plan, the marketing plan, the project safety plan and so on. The application submission period will last 90 days and will take another 60 days for processing applications. Public presentation of the selected projects is scheduled for September.

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