PaddyPower bookmaker has added bets related to Russia to the section of bets dedicated to US President Donald Trump. The biggest winnings on Russian bets on Trump will be paid if Trump is caught visiting prostitutes in the Moscow Ritz. The odds for this event are 100 to 1.

The bets that the presidents of two countries will receive joint the Nobel Peace Prize are accepted with odds of 26.0. The probability that one of the Russian airports will be named in honor of Trump is estimated with odds of 67.0. bookmakers think that the US president is more likely to have a rest in Russia during his vacation. As for this event, the bets are accepted with odds of 34.0.

As a reminder, Paddy Power website section dedicated exclusively to ‘Trump-related betting markets’ was created in February. The creation of The Trump Hub was connected to huge demand for the Donald Trump-themed specials. After Paddy Power lost $5 million, starting to pay bets on Trump losing presidential election ahead of time, customers literally flooded dealers with requests to offer special bets associated with Donald trump.

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