In the UK, the number of advertisements of gambling operators has decreased by 87% on pirate sites for the past 12 months. The lack of advertisers’ interest to torrent trackers is connected with the police of London City successfully fighting against “illegal sites that violate copyrights to films, TV shows, books, music and games”.

In 2013 the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) began to fight against pirate sites. The police compiled a list of sites that violated intellectual property rights and made it available to potential advertisers.

Moreover, PIPCU notified gambling operators about the legal responsibility for financing criminal activities, in particular, payment for advertising services of pirate sites.

In October 2016, UKGK requested its licensees not to place advertisements on sites that provide unauthorized access to copyrighted content.

“The cooperation of PIPCU with UKGK is an excellent example of the successful work of the police and industry regulator. The result of our activities speaks for itself,” Superintendent Peter Ratcliff, the director of PIPCU, said.

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