Donald Trump has registered Donald Trump Casino trademark in Jordan, despite the ban on gambling in effect in this country. According to experts, Trump’s attempt to prolong the rights to the brand in 2019 may cause a negative reaction on the part of the country’s residents, and the USA may lose an ally in the fight against ISIL.

The casino brand was registered along with three other trademarks even before the presidential election.

Recognizing the registration of Donald Trump Casino, the Government of Jordan underlined that the country has a ban on all types of gambling, and the implementation of the casino project is impossible in practice.

“Gambling in Jordan is prohibited. If Trump Organization starts building a casino, the rights to the brand will be revoked, “said Mohammed Momani, the Jordanian information minister.

Donald Trump has long considered the Middle East as a springboard for his business projects. Trump’s trademarks are registered in Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the UAE.

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