Online auction site eBay has canceled a bid, on which Trump Taj Mahal casino sign was put up, due to litigation around the lot.

Eastern Sign Tech, engaged in the dismantling the sign, said that Philadelphia-based Recycling of Urban Materials for Profit (RUMP), put the lot on eBay, bought the casino sign illegally.

In turn, RUMP specializing in processing materials filed a lawsuit about the Trump Taj Mahal’s ownership of the sign.

In the countersuit RUMP says that two of their representatives paid an Eastern Sign Tech worker $250 for the two ‘Trump’ signs that the latter is removed from the Taj Mahal for disposal on Feb. 16. The firm added that the sale had the blessing of the casino supervisor.

At the time of auction cancellation the lot value reached $7,500. According to experts, the market cost of Trump Taj Mahal sign is $100,000.

The billionaire and Trump Taj Mahal owner, Carl Icahn closed the casino in October 2016 in the hope that it could force casino employees to sign a contract on less favorable conditions. In January 2017 Carl Icahn declared that he didn’t intend to sell the gambling establishment.


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