EnergyBet, a gaming operator, has reported about terminating its activities in Poland from April 1. In an official statement the company underlines its commitment to pay winnings on bets made before this date. After that, all client accounts opened in Poland will be closed and balances returned to the users. The company also asked advertising agencies to stop all EnergyBet advertising in Poland until the end of March.

“Watching the development of the situation in Poland, EnergyBet management hoped that the Polish government would listen to the advice of the EU and other authorities. However, this did not happen. New restrictive and hostile regulatory environment makes it impossible to continue the company’s operation in Poland,’’ as it was said in the statement.

According to Marcin Sabinski, chief executive of the company, the decision to terminate operation in Poland is not easy, and the company regrets about any inconvenience that may be delivered to the customers.

“We will continue to monitor the situation so that we could return to Poland, if the situation changes,” Marcin Sapinski added.

The new gambling legislation of Poland legalizing all types of online gambling comes into force on April 1, 2017. According to the law, the whole gambling sector on the Internet is eligible for the state monopoly, except for bookmaker services and lotteries licensed by the Polish regulator.

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