According to Morgan Stanley analysts, the introduction of entrance fees to casinos in the Philippines will deprive local casinos of the lion’s share of profits and jeopardize the development of the entire gambling industry.

The bill on introducing entrance fees to the casino was proposed by Rodolfo Albano as a measure to limit troubled and insolvent players’ access to gambling establishments. The prerequisite for this bill was the attack of one of the gamblers at the Resorts World Manila casino as a result of which 37 people were killed.

“The bill is aimed at strengthening the control of the game process in the casino and the participation of citizens in it. Adopting the project guarantees that exclusively solvent and adequate clients will visit gambling establishments”, said Albano in an interview with The Manila Times.

According to the deputy, the entrance fee to the casino will become a deterrent for gamblers and poor people, turning gambling establishments into elite recreation places for wealthy people.

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