The discussions on the prohibition of all types of gambling are taking place in Slovakia’s capital city Bratislava. A total ban on gambling was supported by more than 136,000 residents and 45 councillors. However, seventeen councils voted against the total ban, but called for strengthening of control over the gambling sector.

Supporters of this approach believe that a complete ban of gambling will lead to an increase in the number of illegal gambling establishments and would be beneficial for illegal operators.

‘We stand for the closing of gambling establishments in residential areas and in areas where the majority of residents voted against the casinos. But we also realize that, contrary to the wishes of many politicians and activists, gambling can not simply be banned — it will not disappear forever,’ expressed the officials in their public statement.

Opponents of the ban of gambling proposed a legal but limited industry in touristic hotels and venues, imitating the model of Vienna and Budapest.

The Slovak authorities have refrained from monopolizing of the gambling industry, enabling this sector to develop within a supportive environment.

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