Next week, the Australian Senate will consider a bill prohibiting the advertising of gambling on television and radio while broadcasting sports events. The law draft was submitted by labour’s MPs- Julie Collins and mark Dreyfus in February 2016.

This legislative initiative has already been approved by the government headed by Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister. But for the bill to come into force it is necessary for it to be approved by the Senate.

Senator Nick Xenophon’s Team will participate in negotiations with the government on banning advertising during sports events, he being in public opposition of the gambling industry.

An attempt to ban advertising of betting offices during the broadcast of sports events has generated criticism from broadcasters, which earned $92,35 million on the gambling advertising in 2016.

“The government unjustly wants to limit advertising on TV and radio, completely “forgetting” about the income Facebook and Google receive from advertising of sports betting and casinos,” said Paul Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of Ten Network Holdings

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