GameCo Inc., an American developer of casino games,  has signed a licensing agreement with CBS Consumer Products to use Star Trek media franchise for producing a series of video games.

The release of the first game Star Trek Deep Space Nine Adventure is scheduled for the fall. The following GameCo games will be based on Star Trek series, including Original Series, Next Generation, Voyager and Enterprise.

According to the developer, all games of the Star Trek series will have a realistic 3D model of the spacecraft presented, which will attract not only fans of the franchise, but also those of films about space battles in general.

In addition to games based on Star Trek, GameCo has announced the release of at least 10 more games this year. The company will please players with novelties based on the films: “Mission Impossible,” “Paranormal” and “Ferris Bueller,” as well as “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.”

Thus, the company is trying to attract a younger generation of players by offering them products that go beyond the usual idea of slot machines.

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