Goa authorities have obliged casinos to submit details of their card swiping machines. This measure was aimed at avoiding the possibility of money laundering through casinos  for  financing the upcoming elections. Casino operators must provide information on all their terminals until February 5, the day after the elections.

Specifically, casinos are required to disclose the following data on swiping machines: serial number, account number, the servicing bank details.

‘During the campaign, casino funds could be used to support the pro-Government forces, which have a significant impact on the gambling business,’ Goa’s government’s Commercial Taxes department said.

According to Goa’s chief election officer, all suspicious transactions will be thoroughly investigated and casino operators, involving in money laundering cases, will face severe penalties.

As a reminder, last December, Goa Home Department started drafting of a new casino bill which will allows to establish a framework for sustainable development of gambling in Goa. According to local media, the new casino bill will be a copy of Macau’s gambling legislation.

Goa is one of the few states of India where gambling is legal. However, the activity of the local casino is limited to offshore places, so casinos are located only on the water.

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