The government of the Indian state of Goa has announced a plan that is set to relocate offshore casinos from the river Mandovi to other water areas “as soon as possible”. The exact time of travel and the new location of the casino are not yet determined. The times and places to be relocated has yet to be established.

“We have not said where they will be shifted as we don’t have a clear picture at the moment,” Agriculture minister Vijai Sardesai said .

The main reason why state authorities insist on the casino ships leaving the Mandovi River is the inability to control visitors sailing to gambling establishments.

Placing floating casinos in the bay or the river mouth will allow the state administration to take control of the process of delivering customers to the casino on board.

“Last year we allocated four zones for the casino: the Zuari river, Mandovi river mouth, Aguada Bay and Chapora river. However, these places were either inaccessible to casino ships or locals were against the placement of gambling establishments here,” said Laxmikant Parsekar , Goa Chief Minister.

Goa is one of the few states of India where gambling is legal. However, the activity of the local casino is limited to offshore places, so casinos are located only on the water.

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