Google took down 17 million gambling-related ads last year. This was reported by Director of Product Management Google Scott Spencer on Wednesday. The list of ‘bad’ gambling advertisements includes ads that did not comply with the regulations in the countries they were intended for.

Google has blocked a total of 1.7 billion ads that failed to conform to its advertising policies in 2016. This is two times more than the number of ads blocked in2015.

Besides the gambling ads, the search engine also banned 5 million payday loans ads, 68 million bad pharmaceuticals ads, 80 million ads with false or unsubstantiated info, and 23,000 self-clicking ads. Moreover, 7 million ads were removed for trying to intentionally deceive the Google’s monitoring system.

According to Spencer, in 2016 the company has taken a number of measures aimed at cleansing the search engine from the “bad” ads. First of all, the company has increased the number of ad categories that would not be allowed in the search engine. It has also the improved technology that recognizes ‘bad’ ads.

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