According to the research of the Law Commission of India, the majority of citizens are for the gambling legalization and against gambling ban. The results of the research conducted at the request of the Supreme Court of India were announced by Balbir Singh Chauhan, Chairman of the Law Commission.

Basing on the official data obtained during the survey, Indian policymakers will be able to discuss the possibility of legalization and regulation of gambling in the country in detail. The main reason for authorities flirting with the gambling industry is multi-million tax receipts that the gambling industry can bring to the state budget.

“The development of the gambling industry in India involves a three-lateral strategy: reforming the existing gambling market (lotteries, horse racing) and legalizing the gambling shadow sector with simultaneously introducing strict and comprehensive rules,” Chauhan explained.

Currently, the gambling market is regulated by the Act on public games of 1867, which prohibits gambling in the country.

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