The Government of Goa is going to adopt Macau gambling legislation to develop its industry. Goa Home Department is preparing a new casino bill which will allows to establish a framework for sustainable development of gambling in Goa.

The new casino legislation will strengthen the position of Goa casino and become a guard against attempts of some parties to completely ban gambling in the state. According to local media, the new casino bill will be a copy of Macau’s gambling legislation. A huge gambling center, located in China, is an example for many Asian casino developments, as the Macau Government managed to establish strict control over the gambling activities.

“We plan to fully adopt the experience of Macau. We wont to know what should be the quality of CCTV cameras, how to maintain the record of customers visiting the casinos, how many days CCTV footage should be stored, among other things,” commented on the new casino legislation a member of the Home Department.

Goa is one of the few states of India where gambling is legal. However, the activity of the local casino is limited to offshore places, so casinos are located only on the water.

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