Goa Home Department has finished redrafting some of Goa’s casino laws. The bill was shared with Saresh Lotlikar, Goa’s Advocate General, for his examination. If the bill gets approved, Goa residents would be banned from entering local casinos.

Last year, Goa officials announced that the state would copy Macau’s gambling legislation to develop its industry. The new casino bill will allows to establish a framework for sustainable development of gambling in Goa.

The great international gambling hub, located in China, represents an example for Asian casino developments as the government has managed to set a strict control in the betting activities both onshore and offshore.

Member of the Home Department had said that they redrafted rules based on Macau casino rules to specify how to maintain the record of customers visiting the casinos, what should be the quality of CCTV cameras, how many days CCTV footage should be stored, among other things.

The new laws would grant the state government the power to appoint a commissioner, who could also be a private individual. The gaming commission is now waiting the opinion of the advocate general before the rules are notified.

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