Liam Sloyan, Ireland’s lottery regulator, was criticized for the failure of the responsible gambling policy for protecting the population from gambling addiction. The Joint Committee on Finance, public expenditure and reform called upon Premier Lotteries Ireland to intensify their activities in this direction.

In his defense, Liam Sloyan said that he was very focused on controlling online gambling, but players could bypass the ban on gambling by registering multiple accounts.

According to the Irish Times, the United Committee demanded Liam to provide evidence that Premier Lotteries Ireland was conducting research on the impact of gambling on the inhabitants of Ireland.

Other senators also questioned the powers of the regulator, as Premier Lotteries Ireland received a 20-year license to hold the State Lottery after paying more than $ 450 million.

committee members note that the growth of the online gambling sector in the past few years may be a prelude to social problems associated with gambling.

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