According to Geopoll research conducted among people aged between 17 and 35 the Kenyans are the most active users of bookmakers’ services in sub-Saharan Africa. Young people from Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya took part in the survey.

The majority of respondents admitted that they spend about $50 per month for football rates. And this is despite the fact that the number of people in SSA (Subsaharan Africa) countries earning less than $2 a day makes the significant portion of the population. Moreover, the research showed that millennial gamblers are mostly unemployed. According to young people, just few of them manage to win more than $50 because gambling games do not bring the income.

According to the research, Ghana is a country with the least number of gamblers aged 17-35. The Republic of South Africa takes the last place among the countries whose youth uses mobile devices for gambling, despite the country having the highest rate of mobile penetration in the continent.

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