The project for the gambling zone construction at the Caucasian Mineral Waters has not been supported by Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian Prime Minister. Instead, Medvedev approved the initiative of local officials to build Kislovodsk-Sochi motor-road.

“Locations of gambling zones of the Russian Federation are specified in the law. the Caucasian Mineral Waters are not included in this list. now we have enough work in Sochi. It is better to build a motor road to Sochi in Stavropol than to open a casino”, the head of government told Vladimir Vladimirov, the Stavropol governor.

The construction terms of Kislovodsk-Sochi motor road has not been determined. It is possible that the project will not be implemented at all.

The proposal to create a gambling zone at the Caucasian Mineral Waters was included in the list of measures for the integrated development of Kislovodsk, which were to be implemented in 2017. The proposal prepared by officials did not find support from the government.

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