The municipal court in Las Vegas has postponed the preliminary hearing on the robbery case of the Belagio hotel-casino on 2 May. The initiator of the postponement was Robert O’Brien, the lawyer of 20-year-old Sebastian Gonzalez, the main person involved in the case of unsuccessful robbery. The lawyer said that the trial delay would allow him to conduct an additional investigation.

the investigation showed that on March 25 Sebastian Gonzalez, along with accomplices wearing pig masks, attempted to rob the Belagio hotel-casino. Threatening with weapons, the criminals robbed the Rolex watch shop located on the territory of the hotel-casino. Not having time to follow the plan and leave the facility before the police arrival, the robbers started a gunfight with the law enforcers. One of the robbers was arrested, three more are at large.

During the interrogations, the arrested Sebastian Gonzalez said that he was forcibly brought from Mexico City to Las Vegas. They threatened the lives of his family members, and forced him to take part in the robbery. According to Gonzalez, after the robbery, the robbers planned to leave by bus to Mexico, San Diego or Tijuana.

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