According to the research conducted by the University of Eastern Finland Business School after loss of the large sums on horseracing players do not seek to recoup, but are cautious with subsequent bets. During the research more than 5 thousand bettors were interviewed.

The majority of players may increase the bet size after hitting the jackpot, but in an amount not exceeding their winnings. In other words, they bet with ‘house money’ so long as they weren’t jeopardizing their original bankroll.

It is interesting that research results contradict the data obtained during studying trader s’ behavior in the financial and real estate markets. The latter, on the contrary, are inclined “to chase loss” and to risk even more in hope to cover financial losses.

At the same time scientists have noted that the behavior of horseracing players is different from that of problem gamblers. The latter have difficulty in adapting to risky situations as they always expect a reward.

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