Lottoland, a Gibraltar-based lottery, intends to break the state monopoly in the lottery sector of Germany and become the first private lotto operator in several Federal States. Last year Lottoland received a license to organize and carry out lotteries in Ireland, Australia and the UK.

Annual income of the German State Lottery Association is $80 billion, 40% of this amount goes to the budgets of Federal regions where the money is distributed as local authorities want. According to Spokesman for Lottoland Dr. Rolf Stypmann, the benefit that regions will get explains their interest in maintaining a monopoly of the state Lottery.

“In February, the State lottery Association of Germany encouraged private betting companies to agree on standards of betting to liquidate state monopoly in the betting sector. Nothing like this was proposed for lottery operators, although the lottery market is more transparent and less prone to manipulation. “We believe that this is absurd,” said Rolf Stypmann.

According to Dr. Rolf Stypmann, if his company gets permission to work in Germany, the biggest world lotteries jackpots will be available for people.

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