Macau ATMs will be equipped with facial recognition technology to prevent money laundering and the capital outflow from mainland China.

Yesterday, on May 8, the government of Macau informed the cardholders of UnionPay, the only national cash card in China, that Macau ATMs will give cash only after the client passing the test on compliance to the identification number of a bankcard owner. The built-in camera will allow the ATM to photograph features of the user, and then to compare them to images in the database.

Due to the continuing economic decline Beijing is concerned about capital outflow to offshore zones, which weakens already weekened yuan positions. At the same time China authorities are considering a gambling enclave of Macau as the main center where money laundering takes place.

Withdrawal of funds in Macau ATMs for residents of mainland China is limited to the sum equivalent to $1,4 thousand. To bypass restrictions players pay off with cards at purchasing expensive goods which then change for currency.

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