Most of the problem players in Maryland, the USA, called the local self-exclusion program “ineffective and useless”. NBC Washington’s following investigation confirmed the ineffectiveness of the self-exclusion program. All six state casinos do not have special programs for recognizing faces and license plates to identify problem players. The self-exclusion program gives gamblers only the opportunity to forbid themselves to visit the casino for a certain period of time and “to keep to their own word.”

Organizers of the self-exclusion program from the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Commission argue that the program is part of an extensive strategy aimed at overcoming gambling addiction. In addition to the self-exclusion possibility, players are offered a support hotline, treatment programs and the “Anonymous Gamer” community, a combination of which gives a good result in the fight against addiction.

In turn, gambling operators say they are doing their best to comply with the self-exclusion program. So, a representative of the MGM casino network said: “We use all reasonable opportunities so that people from the Voluntary Exclusion Program list could not get into our casinos. We do not identify every person at the entrance, but our security officers have a photo and a description of the problem players. Moreover information about the players participating in the program is recorded in our internal database”.

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