According to GambleAware, the charitable organization, Multi-Operator Self SelfException Scheme (MOSES), the British self-exclusion program for players, launched by the Senet Group last year, has proved its effectiveness. Most of the players who took advantage of MOSES keep away from gambling.

According to the GambleAware report, 3,500 problem players took part in the program. At the same time, 83% of the participants in the program consider it to be effective, 29% of the players attempted to violate self-exclusion, 5% of the respondents succeeded in the latter.

According to the respondents, the main MOSES minus is the inability to restrict access to gambling facilities throughout the country. Participants in the program may impose a self-exclusion on visiting casinos and bookmaker offices located within their residence.

Recall, earlier GambleAware launched the YouTube channel to raise awareness about the gambling problems among young people. GambleAware was advertised in all UK movie theaters before a movie was shown.

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