NetEnt, the leading developer of gambling solutions, has launched a unique intrabrand campaign embodied in a reality show The Challenge. Two episodes of the project were put on the website of the company on May 8.

The Challenge, the reality show, will document a difficult way which four employees of the company should pass while conquering one of the highest peaks in the European Alps. Except climbers, more than 900 employees at seven offices of NetEnt who will monitor for progress of the colleagues in mountains will be shown in the show.

“We climb the Alps peaks to pay a tribute to metaphorical peaks which the NetEnt staff conquer every day. We are very proud of all that we do. We want to attract people who like to be the leaders in work and life” — Per Eriksson, the CEO of NetEnt commented on The Challenge release.

According to the authors, the 8s serial project will allow the audience to better understand work of a large multinational company such as NetEnt, to look behind the scenes of a progressive IT company and learn more about its culture.

The Challenge also aims to transmit the concept values of NetEnt Better Mondays which essence consists in creating the favourable environment for o employees’ development in the company. NetEnt People are sure that work has to allow people to develop themselves and bring pleasure for each member of the team even on Monday morning with pleasure to go to work. Partly therefore all new episodes of series will be released every Monday at 12:00 at the Central European time.

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