The appeal of the former owner of Trump Taj Mahal and Trump Plaza casinos about revision of gambling institutions cost and return of overpaid tax for 2014-2017 can cause a loss to the budget of the State of New Jersey.

The precise sum of request for payment is not disclosed; however it is known to exceed the amount of funds available to the state government at the moment. Now the issue of financial claims of the billionaire is actively discussed in Department of community Affairs of the State of New Jersey.

Last week the state’s governor Chris Christi declared that they were ready to agree with Carl Icahn in the same way as they agreed with the owner of Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in February 2017. Then the owner of the institution agreed to receive from the state a half sum ($72 million from $165 million) which he overpaid in a type of property tax within the last six years.

“Everything you need to understand is that the state budget hasn’t got much money. We ask Icahn to understand our position and to make concessions,“ Chris Christi said.

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