The Senate of New Jersey has failed to overcome the State’s Governor Chris Christie’s veto on S2575 law relating to the casino licensing. There was lack of the necessary number of votes in voting for the veto abolition.

In December last year the Assembly of new Jersey voted in favor of the law, which suspends the gambling license of any casino that was closed after January 2016 for 5 years if the owner does not review the contract with the casino employees.

The legislative initiative was directed primarily against Carl Icahn, who shut down the Trump Taj Mahal casino hoping to force the staff to sign the contract on less favorable conditions.

The state’s Governor Chris Christie vetoed the bill, explaining that the adoption of this law would jeopardize Carl Icahn’s intentions to invest in Atlantic-city and to reopen previously closed casinos.

The New Jersey’s Senate President Stephen Sweeney intends to initiate another vote on this issue as soon as he gets the full support of the democratic forces.

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