PaddyPower, an Irish bookmaker, has found a staff member for the position of the Head of Trump Betting. Nigel Farage, a politician, became responsible for bets related to the US president, who correctly predicted the results of both the EU Referendum and the US Presidential Election.

‘After a disastrous year of political cock-ups – two words for you: Brexit and Trump – we are determined not to make the same mistakes again in 2017, and have turned to a political heavyweight to guide us.We’ve decided to recruit Nigel Farage to revitalise the traders’ approach to political betting,’ the PaddyPower blog said.

Despite the appointment of Nigel Faraj to the post of curator of Trump bets appearing on April 1, this message is not a joke. In subsequent updates of the post and in his Twitter PaddyPower confirmed the truthfullness of the news.

PaddyPower, an Irish bookmaker, opened a vacancy for the position of “head of Trump betting” at the end of March. A new employee will have to monitor and oversee existing rates for trump, while the company will develop new ones.

Paddy Power website section dedicated exclusively to ‘Trump-related betting markets’ was created in February. The creation of The Trump Hub was connected to huge demand for the Donald Trump-themed specials. After Paddy Power lost $5 million, starting to pay bets on Trump losing presidential election ahead of time, customers literally flooded dealers with requests to offer special bets associated with Donald trump.

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