In 2016 Siberian coin, the gambling zone, accepted twice as more visitors in comparison with 2015. This was reported by the Altai Territory Administration of foreign relations, tourism and resort business.

“In terms of tax allocations the activity of legal entities in Siberian coin surpassed our expectations in 2016. In 2016, the gaming zone was visited by about 30 thousand people,” reported the representative of Management.

For today Siberian coin remains one of the most complex in terms of gambling zone development. The main problems of the resort are the lack of qualitative roads and developed infrastructure as well as remoteness from the cities.

Experts believe that the development of the gambling zone depends on the development of adjacent infrastructure including construction of restaurants, hotels, ski resorts, shopping centers.

In 2014 the first and the only Altai Palace casino in Siberian coin opened its doors to players. On-site facilities include a hotel, a restaurant, offices of banks and a pawnshop. The casino offers a charter flight Novosibirsk-Barnaul-Biysk-Altai Palace, as well as individual helicopter flights for VIP guests.

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