PaddyPower commercial with blind footballers, kicking a cat instead of a ball, and Moneysupermarket’s promotional video with twerking businessman in high heels, received the largest number of TV viewing complaints in 2016.

According to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), Moneysupermarket’s commercial attracted 2,491 audience complaints. Some viewers found the man’s dance moves ‘distasteful’.

The Paddy Power Blind Football advert was first shown in 2010 but still drew 450 complaints. Many viewers found the commercial offensive, because it was hurting the feelings of blind people, as well as demonstrated cruelty to domestic animals. However, the commercial was not forbidden to broadcast, since the very moment of “kicking” the cat had not been demonstrated. In 2016, the Advertising Standards Authority received 450 complaints from viewers related to the commercial.

Moneysupermarket’s and PaddyPower’s commercials were not prohibited to broadcast shows. According to the ASA, none of these commercials crossed the line from bad taste to offence.

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