Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has created a section of The Trump Hub dedicated exclusively to ‘Trump-related betting markets’ on its website. PaddyPower takes bets on many “intriguing topics” concerning the head of the United States, including Presidential impeachment, Trump’s current administration, the US-Mexico relationship, and the Trump family matters.

The launch of The Trump Hub is the first case in history when the betting company has dedicated a special section to the politician.

‘We offer more than 100 Trump-related bets. Let’s face it, no matter how wacky some of them might seem, his first few weeks in charge have proven that anything is possible when it’s his stubby finger hovering over the red button,’ Paddy Power spokesperson commented on the launch of the Trump Hub.

The creation of The Trump Hub is connected to huge demand for the Donald Trump-themed specials. After Paddy Power lost $5 million, starting to pay bets on Trump losing presidential election ahead of time, customers literally flooded dealers with requests to offer special bets associated with Donald trump.

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