PaddyPower, the bookmaker, has admitted to the erection of the gigantic figure of the British Prime Minister Theresa May showing an indecent gesture to Europe.

The 33-meter-long two-dimensional statue of the Prime Minister was set by the unknown on June 5 on the White Cliffs of the Dover Strait well-viewed from the other coast of the English Channel. May’s point and middle fingers of the hand which was turned backwards showed the letter “V”. In the UK, this gesture is a non-verbal equivalent of the phrase “fuck off!”. Soon after the appearance the figure was dismantled.

According to PaddyPower spokesman, the figure of the British prime minister was erected on June 5 with the goal of publishing a photo of the statue on June 19 when negotiations about the UK leaving the EU was to begin in Brussels. However, the photos of the statue got into the network earlier than the project’s creators expected.

In 2012, PaddyPower erected a 30-meter figure of Roy Hodgson on the Dover Cliffs. The image of the England national football team coach exactly copied the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro.

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