PaddyPower bookmaker accepts bets on how the upcoming UK exit from the European Union will affect the score that the British singer Lucy Jones will have at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

According to the bookmaker quotes, the Germans have the maximum degree of contempt for the British who betrayed the idea of European integration. bookmakers estimate odds that the Germans, both viewers and the jury, will not vote for Lucy Jones as 2.25.

Moreover, the girl can completely lose the votes of the jury and the viewers of France (2.62 odds), Italy (3.0) and Ireland (3.50). The likelihood that the participant from the UK will receive the lowest number of votes is estimated at 19.0. The most pessimistic version of the successions of events suggests that Lucy Jones will remain without spectators’ support throughout Europe and will not gain a single vote. Bets on this are taken with 21.0 odds.

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