UK bookmaker William Hill has invited hollywood director Paul W. S. Anderson to film its new TV commercial with a view to move away from the ‘crass cliches’ which are enough frequently met in gambling space. The idea behind the new commercial was conceived by Pete Spiers, Head of Advertising & Content at William Hill. The advertising was made in cooperation with Bark & Bite creative agency.

‘We wanted to really break-away from the white noise of our competitors’ ads: Lads watching football. Lads playing football. Retired footballers watching lads watch football. We’ve never understood why the vast majority of our sector communicates in such a literal and clichéd way with its customers. These are same customers who interact with the likes of Stella Artois, Playstation, O2 and Nike, and we of course share TV ad breaks with these brands, so why can’t we communicate with the same customers using equally compelling content?’ commenting on the commercial, Pete Spiers said.

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