Playtech, the world’s leading gaming software supplier, has signed a strategic agreement with  Captain Up to integrate its gaming services with Captain Up platform, offering advanced gamification tools.

Captain Up platform allows to apply social gaming principles for marketing purposes, offering a lot of gamification tools in real time: challenges, tournaments, levels, badges, leaderboards, in-app messaging. The platform also offers web based back office to monitor and analyze player actions.

“We have known about Captain Up for some time and we’re very pleased to be working together. The integration enables our licensees to access an even broader range of unique technologies that can help differentiate their offerings and significantly enhance their player engagement, through the use of real-time analytics,” Shimon Akad, COO, Playtech, said.

Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. Gamification commonly employs game design elements which are used in non-game contexts to improve user engagement.

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