The rector of a Delaware County retirement home for Philadelphia Archdiocese priests confessed to appropriation of more than $500 thousand from the budget of establishment during the trial. He pleaded guilty to four counts of wire fraud. Most of the stolen money was payments for life insurance of already died residents of the boarding house, or was bequeathed by still living parishioners.

Stealing from the budget of the boarding house allowed Monsignor Dombrow to indulge in the pleasures of gambling in the casinos of Aruba and Florida for 9 years.

77-year-old priest was convicted of fraud by the Bank security service keeing accounts of the boarding house. Suspicions were caused by several withdrawals at casino ATMs and Harrah racetrack. Request for transaction data was sent to the Archbishop, who initiated the investigation.

Monsignor William Dombrow was arrested in April, 2017. For the period from December, 2007 till May, 2016, the prior of the boarding house stole $535 thousand as a whole.

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