The inability to accept currency from clients and the availability of illegal gambling facilities are the main negative factors affecting the operation of Tigre de Cristal casino. Craig Ballantyne, the casino executive told in an interview.

Tigre de Cristal casino receives about 24 thousand visitors from Japan, China and Korea every month. According to Ballantyne, the elimination of black casinos in the region and the permission to accept the currency from players could significantly increase the number of foreign casino customers.

Early this month, Tigre de Cristal Resort & Casino was nominated for World Travel Awards, the prestigious international award in the field of tourism. The hotel complex in Primorye pretends to be awarded in the category of Russia’s Leading Hotel of 2017.

Tigre de Cristal Resort & Casino began work on October 8, 2015. Since its opening, the hotel complex has been visited by more than 350 thousand people.

Primorye gambling zone is located in the resort area on the bank of the Ussuri Gulf on the bank of the Formic bay. Due to the low population density in the region and its remoteness from major cities, Primorye focuses mainly on gamblers from China and Japan.

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