Siberian coin gambling Resort remains one of the most difficult in terms of developing gambling zones. Igor Rechka, Altay Palace casino manager, told about it in an interview with the regional edition. The main problems of the gambling resort are the lack of quality roads and developed infrastructure, as well as the long distance from the cities.

‘We give in to the casino located in Sochi, for example. We do not have an asphalt road, we are remote from cities, it takes almost 10 hours by car to get here, and in winter the road is blocked due to snowstorms. Air travel is available only in the summer,’ the casino manager said.

Among Siberian coin problems Igor Rechka also names the lack of worthy entertainment facilities. The local Manzherok ski resort is dozens of times worse than those in Sochi.

The Altai Palace manager is confident that the development of the gambling zone depends on the development of the adjoining infrastructure – the construction of restaurants, hotels, ski resorts, shopping centers.

“If investors put money in these facilities, in 10 years the gambling zone will get a chance to enter the federal level,” Igor Rechka summarized.

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