Sochi Casino & Resort cancels the entrance deposit for the period from 22 February to 1 April and introduces shuttle-buses to the casino and back on a regular basis.

The shuttle service allows guests of the hotels, located in the Imereti lowland, to get to Sochi gambling complex Casino & Resort for a maximum of 1.5 hours— depending on the location of the hotel. The first shuttle is to start at 16:00 and the last to end at 23:30. The full schedule and the routes of shuttles are available on the casino website.

The solemn opening of Sochi Casino & Resort took place on January 5, two weeks after the soft launch. The casino is located in the mountain resort of Gorky Gorod. The casino offers players 569 slot machines, 70 gaming tables, a poker room with 10 tables, bars, restaurants, cabaret, shopping galleries, a meeting room.

The grand opening ceremony of the casino took place on January 5, 2017. Approximately 7 per cent of casino employees are foreign specialists who have worked for gambling resorts in Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. Sochi residents constitute 30 per cent of the casino staff, the rest of the Sochi Casino & Resort personnel are from different regions of Russia.

Sochi Casino and Resort is a project with a unique concept for Russia in the spirit of the best casinos of Las Vegas. Situated in the existing mountain cluster of Gorki Gorod resort, the 5-star complex is owned by Domain LLC, the operator of the fifth active gambling zone in Russia.

According to Evgeniy Kudelya, adviser to the head of Russia’s Federal Tourism Agency, Sochi Casino & Resort’s opening will stimulate tourism activity in region during off-season and will boost the quality of the tourist services in the entire region.

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