over the past 15 years the government of South Korea has received $ 54.5 billion in taxes and other revenues from gambling. This was reported by Yonhap, the information agency, basing on the data analysis from the National Gambling Control Commission.

The greatest profit to the state was brought by the bets on races, the profit from which amounted to 37.5% of the total amount of revenues. Lottery operations took the second place with a share of 25.4%, and casinos — 12.3%. The rest of the profit falls on bets on cycling and boat races, sports betting and bull fights.

Government revenue from gambling operations is to increase starting from April 20, when Paradise City starts operating in Incheon, the first integrated resort in the country. At the initial stage the resort will include a casino, a hotel, restaurants, banquet and conference rooms. According to the legislation, gambling sites of the hotel-casino will be accessible only to foreign guests, and local residents will be able to use only hotel services and services not related to gambling.

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