Jeju Province’s government intents to enhance its monitoring and control of foreign-only casinos, which are situated on Jeju Islands. Formulation of the appropriate bill was initiated in July, 2016. The bill suggests that the casino need to implement a permit system that allows, when required, to visit the premises that were previously available only for casino employees. Casino will also need to increase the number of security cameras to reduce blind zones.

The government also requires the foreign casinos to install electronic game tables, to calculate the daily incomes, and store the ID’s of Korean visitors. Also the casinos must provide the serial numbers of each contract and sell poker chips at the gaming table only.

South Korea’s casinos have benefited from the decline of Macau’s gambling industry which was caused by China’s anti-corruption crackdown. The South Korean Government strongly supports the gambling business, which brings a good income in the form of taxes.

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