OOO ”Azov VES”, a Russia-based subsidiary of German SoWiTec Group, has rented for 10 years the land area of 133 hectares for the construction of a wind farm in the Rostov region.

Power wind farm will be 90 MW, is greater than all currently existing wind farms in Russia. The preliminary cost of the creation of a wind farm is 9.9 billion rubles. Beginning of construction of the wind farm is scheduled for late 2017. It is assumed that the wind farm will go into operation in 2020.

The plant may become the major wind energy project in Russia, as there is only 11MW of installed wind power capacity in the country.

“We have examined this area for compliance with the requirements for the construction of the wind farm. This region has good wind potential and we are confident in our choice,” Igor Burakov, general director of the Investment Development Agency of the Rostov Region, said.

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